Analysis service closed

We regret to inform users that due to the small number of requests and the obsolescence
of the pipeline, this service will be no longer available starting from now.

If you are still interested in using CAST,
please contact us at the following email address:

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How to submit a CAST Analysis

1. Study creation

Open the Projects page from the menu.

Enter a name and a description for the new study. You can also choose the visibility level (private,group,public) of your project.

2. Study page

You will be redirected to the new project page.

Click the Upload files button to reach the upload page.

3. Upload files

In the upload page, click the add files button and select the input files from your computer.

Wait for the upload to be completed and then click on the Continue button.

4. Assign files

If your files are produced by a PE sequencer, assign those files to the same box.

When you're done, click on the Continue button.

5. Create samples

You need to create samples in order to describe which kind of tissue/organism has been sequenced.

You can do that with the Add sample panel.

6. Complete metadata

Then, it's required to enter a descriptive tag for each of your files, and associate a sample to each one. When this step is finished, you can click on the Continue button.

7. Create analysis

Once your files have been imported, you can go back to the project page, select which files to submit and click on the Design a new analysis... button.

8. Launch Analysis

The last step is to tune the parameters for your analysis, such as:

  • reference database
  • aligner tool
  • control file
  • sonication size
When you're done, click on the Start analysis button, you will be redirected to the analysis monitoring page.


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