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RNA editing is a widespread post-transcriptional molecular phenomenon that can increase proteomic diversity, by modifying the sequence of completely or partially non-functional primary transcripts, through a variety of mechanistically and evolutionarily unrelated pathways [1]. Editing by base substitution has been investigated in animals, plants and viruses [2]. In human, the A-to-I substitution is the most frequent editing event, carried out by members of ADAR (adenosine deaminases acting on RNA) family [3]. Such alterations can be predicted by computational analyses based on the alignment of mRNA/EST sequences onto the genome of origin [4]. Recent high-throughput sequence technologies offer the unique opportunity to study entire transcriptomes in a variety of experimental conditions. Massive RNA sequencing, therefore, may facilitate the investigation of post-transcriptional mechanisms occurring herein.

In order to detect A-to-I editing sites in human supported by transcript data obtained by RNA-Seq experiments we developed the web application ExpEdit. In our system, mapping data (in SAM/BAM format) or directly sequence reads (in FASTQ or SRA format) can be provided as input to carry out a comparative analysis against a large collection of known editing sites collected in DARNED database [5] as well as other user-provided potentially edited positions.


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